For Snilld this year's WM Tölter stood model, or the Tölterin, Snilld is a mare!

After I have made the first modell from silver a mould gets made from it. Then each single tölter is injected in wax in this mould, then these are cast in silver - in a lost form. Each piece is made individually first in wax and then in silver.  


SNILLD goes through many different steps until she becomes a Fine Fellow.

As soon as I get the Icelandic horses back from the casting they are cleaned in different steps in my workshop. First the sprue is sawn off, and then the surface of the pendant is treated in 4 steps with ever finer scrubbing strips. Finally the pendant is polished to a high gloss and the ring attached.


The tölterin SNILD is available in a limited edition, until the end of the World Cup in Berlin!