Bridle jewellery KNAPI

from 56,00 


Makes the world a bit more stylish and beautiful: The KNAPI sign shows a rider with raised arms and the unmistakable message “I come as a friend! The original Celtic symbol unites horse lovers all over the world and is a timeless piece of jewellery. Our KNAPI bridle jewellery is a powerful companion. Its three-dimensional texture gives it a special presence at the headpiece of your beloved four-legged friend. Depending on the nature of the bridle for your horse, the bridle jewellery can be pulled over one or both cheek pieces. The forehead strap keeps it at the right height. If your headpiece does not have a browband, you can pad the KNAPI bridle jewellery with a rubber band or a piece of leather and hold it in the desired position on the headpiece. The KNAPI bridle jewellery has a diameter of 2.6 cm. They fit on a strap with the maximum width of 1.4cm. New, wider bridle pieces (also with other motives) are in progress! We offer the bridle plugs per piece, as many riders only attach one to the bridle. 

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