As light as a mane in the wind: Make others happy with a selected piece of jewellery in the exclusive gift box.

Or gift yourself with a Fine Fellow, a faithful companion in silver or gold.

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    Handmade jewellery for Icelandic horse fans.

    Fine Fellows – Icelandic Horses & Co. in Silver and Gold.

    Welcome to Fine Fellows!

    We transform the faithful bond between man and animal into high-quality jewellery: wear the authentic and spirited character of the Icelandic horse as a chain close to your heart.

    Fine Fellows jewellery are lovingly handcrafted and unique. Modern and fresh like the wind of Iceland, at the same time classy and high quality like the tradition of its horse culture. Find your personal lucky charm - or give a special person all the strength of a faithful Fine Fellow. By the way: Soon you will also find other horse breeds and other four-legged companions made of silver and gold.

    The Fine Fellows are looking forward meeting you! You can find our jewellery here in the online shop as well as at selected events and competitions.

    From KJARNI to KATLA: About the founders of Fine Fellows.

    It all began with pure enthusiasm for Icelandic horses. And for the beauty of handcrafted jewellery. Already as a teenager, owner Constanze Charlotte Schreiber had her very own idea of her personal necklace.

    Because she couldn't find it anywhere, she simply carved the wax model herself - and had it cast by the local goldsmith. KJARNI was born. And with him the vision of many further models: The slender, detailed tölter LAGSI, the mystical celtic-rider symbol or the expressive KATLA gradually turned an idea into a whole range of jewellery. After training as a goldsmith and studying jewellery at the Amsterdam Art Academy, Constanze Charlotte finally founded Fine Fellows. The rest is history. One that each Icelandic horse jewellery tells together with its owner.

    Forever your Fine Fellow
    How to maintain your piece of jewellery

    We like your Fine Fellow to stay with you at all times. No matter if Icelandic horse, dog or cat. With our care advice and repair service, loyalty takes on a whole new meaning. Let KATLA & Co. shine in silver and gold - day after day, at every opportunity.

    Fine Fellows are made of those materials:
    Silver: We work exclusively with sterling silver (an alloy of 92,5% silver and 7,5% copper). In the last workstep this gets either a high gloss polished surface or a finish which we call silver antique in our online shop. After the first polishing these pieces are blackened with oxide and then polished again. The effect is a vintage look.
    Bronze: An alloy of copper, zinc and manganese.
    Brass: An alloy of copper and zinc.

    Yellow gold: Our yellow gold plated jewellery has a layer of 18 carat gold. This layer is applied galvanically to the silver jewellery by a professional company.
    Rosé gold: Our rosé gilding is also professionally galvanised. This can darken over time, which is due to the copper content in the gold alloy. Copper reacts more strongly to air and thus gets a darker tone. The basis of this gold plating is also sterling silver.

    How faithful is your Fine Fellow?

    Numerous of our customers wear their silver and gold companions for years. Show us with a photo on Instagram or Facebook the way you go through thick and thin with your Fine Fellow.

    Our Icelandic horses: Handmade jewellery

    The Fine Fellows give their wearers a great deal of strength. No wonder: All our Icelandic horses and other four-legged friends are handmade in the Netherlands with great love and expertise. They are crafted in more than 30 different steps - in our own workshop as well as in specialist companies in the surrounding area. This is the only way we can accurately translate the spirit and distinctiveness of our favourites into high-quality materials.

    Fine Fellows are so special because ...

    ... we produce in small quantities and rework each part individually by hand. Small variations in design or colour give the individual pieces their very own character - just like a real Icelandic horse.

    ... we use our resources sparingly. The silver used is largely recycled. The electricity that keeps our production running is generated from renewable energies.

    ... we are particularly flexible and are also happy to make custom-made products. How about, an emblem as a chain pendant for your own Icelandic horse farm? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

    The Fine Fellows Care Guide:

    Tarnish: Sterling Silver tarnishes when it comes into contact with skin, perfume or skin creams. The best prevention: Frequent usage. When your Fine Fellow remains on your side, it polishes itself all by itself. Before showering, sleeping or during sweaty activities, it is better to take it off.

    Gold plated: The gold-plated Fine Fellows are galvanically coated and can react sensitively to contact with skin creams, perfume and sweat. Please take your jewellery off before showering or bathing.

    New brilliance: A polishing cloth will make your Fine Fellow shine again.

    Gentle cleaning: Warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush do wonders.

    Beware: Do not use silver polishes or immersion baths. These are too aggressive and can deliberately damage oxidized areas of the jewellery. To maintain the greyish-black look of your Fine Fellow, simply clean these areas with warm water.

    Re-gilding: If the gold plating wears out over time, the silver of your Fine Fellows shines through. Simply send us your favourite and we will be happy to gild it again for you for a proportionate amount.

    Repair: You need a repair for your Fine Fellow? Bring it either to a goldsmith of your confidence or send it directly to us after previous arrangement. We take care of the repair for fair prices.

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